TOKYO MARUI Airsoft Pistol Hi-Capa 4.3

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Product number: SW10459.1
Product information "TOKYO MARUI Airsoft Pistol Hi-Capa 4.3"
-Variable hop-up system installed
-Semi-auto (single shot) firing only
-Total length: 199mm
-Gun height: 95mm
-Weight: 850g (with empty magazine)
-Bullet: 6mmBB (0.2~0.25g)
-Power source: Dedicated gas (Please use the dedicated "Gunpower HFC134a gas" or "Non-CFC Gunpower")
-Number of shots: 28+1 (one shot when loaded in the main body)
-Model name: Hi-CAPA4.3 Tactical Custom
-Type: Handgun (Automatic)
Semi-compact model with tactical polish
High capacity 4.3 tactical custom
High-capacity 4.3 tactical custom that inherits the high performance of high-capacity 5.1 and realizes sharp and sharp blowback. By making the overall length short and compact, it is a model that pursues further advantages in the tactical scene, such as weight reduction, portability, and ease of removal from the holster. The military and police elite have been honed to achieve their goals, and continue to fight as professional tools.
4.3 inch slide
On both sides before and after the slide, we added serrations (mizo) to help load the first bullet quickly. The gloved hand is not slippery and you can pull the slide firmly.
Lanyard link
The lanyard link at the rear of the grip can be connected to a lanyard (= bearer string) that prevents it from being lost or dropped.
High capacity magazine
A magazine with 28 rounds and a short bumper is included.
Against the advanced body armor, .45 bullets with stopping power that knocks down the opponent with a single blow are again in the limelight centering on military and police special forces. The government, which has a simple mechanism originally, has high customizability. Taking advantage of the large number of shots, the high capacity (multi-shot) government of the .45 caliber government has also produced many variations such as various slide lengths and the presence or absence of rails according to the demand of professionals. With the 5-inch class as the standard size for government, the 4.3-inch combat size, which is lightweight and has excellent portability, tends to be preferred.
4.3-inch slide: Serrations (grooves) are added on both sides before and after the slide to facilitate quick loading of the first shot. The gloved hand is not slippery and you can pull the slide firmly.
Rail integrated chassis: Full dust cover chassis to prevent ingress of sand and dust, equipped with Picatinny underrail (20mm width), flash light etc. can be installed.
Lean style: Minimal and effective parts are adopted in a compact body such as double hole ring hammer that is hard to get caught in clothes and equipment, tactical single thumb safety installed on only one side, short tail grip grip safety doing.
Tactical rear sight: The firmly fixed rear sight is shock resistant and can withstand even intense game content.
Lanyard link: The lanyard link installed in the housing at the rear of the grip can be connected to a lanyard (= bearer string) that prevents it from being lost or dropped.
Powerful blowback: This is a model that realistically reproduces the appearance power and the intense recoil at the time of launch, as the slide vigorously retracts at the time of launch.
High capacity magazine: 28 magazines and a magazine with short bumpers are included.
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